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Stay-At-Home Mom Spills The Beans

Simple Strategies You Can Do To Make This Year Your Best Year

Thank you for visiting my site!

I am so glad to share with you a part of my journey and everything I’ve learned so far about running a successful business online, internet marketing, raising a growing family, traveling around the world and everything today's modern women need to know to stay prosperous and  glamourous.

A little bit about me.

I was born in Florida, raised in different parts of the state. I moved to Costa Rica when I was 23 years old full of hope, big dreams and an adventurous spirit. Let’s say that my life there didn’t exactly happen the way I thought it would and I woke up REALLY FAST… Although, I am very grateful for each lesson I’ve learned in my life, I wish that certain things wouldn’t happen to me, but everything has it’s price and anything worthwhile is never easy.

Today, I am a successful Internet Personality and I’ve been public speaking for several years in the United States. You probably have seen me on many videos and advertisements.

I am, also, a published author and expert writer in blogging, internet marketing and modern tools, as well, as the author of “Make This Year Your Best Year” where all the profits go to local charities and women's outreach.

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